How To: Get $3 Off Every Uber/Lyft Ride

Most Rewarding App You Need To Get: Pei
- Gives you 10% automatic cashback on Uber/Lyft (up to $2 back per ride).
- Gives you automatic cashback in lots of other stores.
- Use invite code: "tesla" to get $5 at sign-up:

Second Most Rewarding App: Freebird
- Gives you $0.50 or $1.00 off every Uber/Lyft ride, & cashback at restaurants & bars.
- Use invite code: "idd0b" to get $10 bonus at sign-up:

Third App I Recommend: Drop
- Gives you 1.5% automatic cashback at Uber, Amazon & other stores.
- Use my invite link to get $5 bonus at sign-up:

Last App I Recommend: Hooch
- Gives you 1% automatic cashback at Uber, iTunes & other stores.
- Use my invite link to get $5 at sign-up:

- These discounts stack! (you can use all 4 discounts on every ride).

- Pei, Drop & Hooch are automatic (set-it & forget-it). Freebird you need to open the app & order the ride through their app for the cashback.

Bonus: Did you know you can also get Delta Miles & Hilton Points automatically for using Lyft?
- First, sign-up for free Delta SkyMiles, Hilton Honors & Lyft accounts.
- Then, link your Delta & Hilton accounts with Lyft. Done!

Never used Lyft? Try it out! It's usually cheaper than Uber.
Use my link for a discount on your 1st ride:

Tesla leases start at $399/month (and save you ~$100/month in gas)!
Use my invite link for a discount:
Use invite code: "idd0b" to get $10 bonus at sign-up. Download app: