How To: Earn $150 with SoFi [make up to $10,000]

This is an amazing deal!

First, sign-up for a free "SoFi Money" account:
- SoFi Money is a great account to have (it has no fees, and it pays you for using it).
- If you deposit $100, they'll give you a $50 bonus (in a couple of days, then you can either cashout $150 and forget about SoFi, or keep using your account for free).

Then, sign-up for a free "SoFi Invest" account:
- SoFi Invest is an app for buying and selling stocks with no fees.
- If you invest $100 in stocks, they'll give you $50.
- If you invest $10 in crypto, they'll give you $25.
- It's a great app for investing if you'd like to use it, if not then just invest $110 for the bonuses & cashout $185 a few days later.

Also, get your family & friends to sign-up. You'll earn $100 for every person you refer to SoFi (and they'll make $125). Maximum is 100 referrals per year ($10,000 for you).

Also, earn $300 (!) for each friend you refer to SoFi Loans. Your friend gets $100.
- Sign-up for a SoFi Personal Loan & earn $100:
- Sign-up for a SoFi Student Loan refinance & earn $100:

Bonus, sign-up for a free "Aspiration" account:
- Aspiration is very similar to SoFi (free to sign-up & no fees to keep).
- Current welcome offer is $25 for sign-up, & a chance to win a Tesla!

If you have any questions email me or leave a comment below.

SoFi & Aspiration deals available to U.S. Citizens & Residents only (SSN required).

Tesla leases start at $399/month (and save you ~$100/month in gas)!
Use my invite link for a discount:

Never used Lyft? Try it out! It's usually cheaper than Uber.
Use my link for a discount on your 1st ride:


  1. Leave your own SoFi referral links in the comments! Once I reach the cap of $10,000 (~100 referrals) I'll replace my links above with a note saying to use referral links from the comments (and help you reach that $10K!)


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