Apps To Make Money While You Shop

- The best 3 apps are the automatic ones: Pei, Drop & Hooch.
- I've already mentioned them in How To Get $3 Off Every Uber/Lyft Ride
- Get them first (they are not just for Uber discounts). Then check these out:

In-Store Shopping

Best App for Cashback on Gas - GetUpside
- Gets you up to $10 cashback every time you hit the pump.
- Works even if you're not the one paying for the gas!
- First select the gas station in the app, then buy gas & take a pic of the receipt with the app. Done!
- Use my invite link to get a welcome bonus:

Best App for Cashback on Specific Stores - Cash App by Square
- Offers change every few months and vary by user, but are pretty good (I used to have 10% back on WholeFoods, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, etc, and $1 off every swipe at Target, Burger King & MTA).
- Now I have 15% back on DoorDash, 10% back on Pizza Hut & Waffle House, $1 off every swipe at a Coffee Shop, and $3 off every swipe at Cinemark & AMC.
- "Every swipe" deals are amazing for small purchases (your $2 daily coffee/muffin is now $1). Saving just $1 every time you swipe really adds up. I swipe for $3 off a movie ticket, then swipe and save $3 again on popcorn (that $5 popcorn is now $2!)
- Get the app with this invite link to get $5 "free to gift":
(free to gift means you can send $5 to somebody for free, send it to a friend, or to me :)

In-Store + Online Shopping

Best App for Cashback on Groceries / Supermarkets - Ibotta
- Discounts in lots of other stores too (clothing, restaurants, 10% off Uber Eats, Amazon, etc).
- In-Store: you either pay through the app, or upload receipt, or link your grocer's rewards account.
- Online: you click through and/or pay through the app.
- Get the app:

Best App for Cashback on In-Store Clothing - Rakuten Ebates
- Also great discounts for online shopping (not just clothing)
- In-Store: you select the offer to link to the credit card you're going to pay with in-store and that's it!
- Online: you click through the app to shop and get cashback.
- Use my invite link to get $10 when you spend $25 at any store:

Best App for Cashback on Restaurants & Hotels - Dosh
- In-Store (restaurants): automatic!
- Online (hotels, etc): shop through the app.
- Use my invite link to get a $5 welcome bonus:

Online Shopping

Best Website for Cashback on Online Shopping - TopCashBack
- Never shop online without checking if the store's on TopCashBack first!
- Just search for your store & click through before purchasing.
- Use my link to get a $10 bonus when you collect $10 in cashback:

- Similar to TopCashBack
- Use my link to get a $10 bonus when you collect $10 in cashback:

If you have any questions email me or leave a comment below.
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